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    BME/COE/ELE 700: Managing Projects

    Capstone design projects provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills on project management and significant experience in developing, designing, prototyping, proving and verifying their design. Capstone design projects must be in the field of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering. Students choose a project from the published list of capstone design projects by capstone design project coordinators. Each capstone design project is executed by a group of three students. A faculty advisor will be assigned to each design project to supervise and guide the project throughout its duration.

    BME/COE/ELE 700 consists of two essential components: lectures and laboratory. The lecture component provides students with specific knowledge and skills on design and project management whereas the laboratory component allows students to design, prove and verify the prototypes of their design.

    BME/COE/ELE 800: Designing Projects

    BME/COE/ELE 800 provides the student with significant engineering design experience. In this course, students will carry out the detailed engineering design and implementation of the prototype developed in BME/COE/ELE 700.

    The execution of each capstone design project is managed by the project manager elected by the students of the project. The progress of the project is monitored by the project advisor on a weekly basis. Students must submit their weekly progress reports to their project advisor for the assessment of the progress and quality of the projects. All design projects must be completed and demonstrated operational. An oral presentation of the design project is required at the completion of the project. A final softcopy project report that conforms to the standards set by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is required. Students must demonstrate their design project at the annual Capstone Design Project Open House. Students are required to successfully complete a capstone design project in the final year of their undergraduate studies in order to be able to graduate.