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  • 2004 Archive of News & Announcements

    Nov. 30, 2004
    ENG Building Closes Early
    ENG building will close at 5:00PM on Dec. 1 for sprinker tests.
    Nov. 29, 2004
    ENG Building Reopens
    ENG building reopens for normal operations on Tuesday Nov. 30.
    Nov. 25, 2004
    ENG Building Closed
    Due to a water leak on Thursday Nov. 25, all classes and labs scheduled in the ENG building are cancelled and the building is closed.
    Nov. 25, 2004
    Academic Achievement Awards
    On Nov. 10th the annual Awards Ceremony honoured outstanding student academic achievements.
    Nov. 20, 2004
    Faculty Awards
    Latest awards to ELCE faculty.
    Nov. 11, 2004
    2nd year & 3rd year Winter/Spring Transition Program
    University Academic Council approved the Department's proposal for a Winter and Spring Transition Program.
    Nov. 9, 2004
    CFI Funding
    Drs. Gu, Zhao and Yang get funding for Wireless Sensor Networks Lab.
    Sep. 21, 2004
    Technical Meeting
    "Control and Monitoring of MV/LV Power Distribution Systems".
    Sep. 15, 2004
    IEEE Award
    Drs. Anpalagan and Fernando receive 2003-04 IEEE Chapter Achievement Award.
    Sep. 3, 2004
    Chair's Welcome
    A message from the Chair.
    Aug. 26, 2004
    We've Moved
    The ELCE Department has moved to the new Centre.
    Aug. 2, 2004
    NEPWAK Research Project
    Assistance from a distance.
    Jul. 16, 2004
    We're Moving
    ELCE Department begins moving July 19th.
    Jun. 28, 2004
    CEC Award
    Emilijan Mirceski wins 2nd place in engineering competition.
    Jun. 22, 2004
    Ph.D. Program Approved
    ELCE Department has been approved to offer the Doctor of Philosophy.
    Jun. 14, 2004
    ICUE 2004
    A report on the 3rd annual conference.
    May 31, 2004
    Website Re-Design
    A preview of the re-design of the departmental website.
    May 15, 2004
    Award Announcements
    Micronet Best Paper, Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Technology Innovation Awards.
    May 4, 2004
    IEEE Student Awards
    IEEE competition award winners.
    Apr. 5, 2004
    Research Grants
    NSERC, CITO, Micronet research proposals awarded funding.
    Mar. 1, 2004
    Students participate in the 2004 Faculty of Community Services charrette.
    Feb. 15, 2004
    2004 OEC Results
    Results of the 2004 Ontario Engineering Competition.
    Feb. 2, 2004
    Ryerson Research Chair
    Bin Wu is the first Ryerson Research Chair.
    Jan. 12, 2004
    EPH Flooded
    A burst water-pipe flooded portions of the first and second floors of Eric Palin Hall.
    Sep. 8, 2002 - Dec. 2004
    Center For Computing And Engineering
    Photo album of the construction of the new Centre for Computing and Engineering.