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  • Alert: Effective Wednesday, March 18, Ryerson University will be shifting to an essential services model on our campus

    This page lists undergraduate courses offered by the Department, grouped by program with detailed course descriptions including theoretical and laboratory components, marking scheme, prescribed texts, etc..

    Biomedical EngineeringComputer Engineering Electrical Engineering
    EES508 Digital Systems (PDF)
    EES512 Electric Circuits (PDF)
    EES604 Electronics and Sensors (PDF)
    EES612 Electric Machines and Acutators (PDF)

    BME100 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (PDF)
    BME229 Biomedical Physics (PDF)
    BME323 Statics and Mechanics of Materials (PDF)
    BME328 Digital Systems (PDF)

    BME406 Biomechanics (PDF)
    BME423 Biomaterials (PDF)

    BME501 Informatics (PDF)
    BME506 Introduction to Software (PDF)
    BME516 Fluid Mechanics I (PDF)
    BME532 Signals and Systems I (PDF)
    BME538 Microprocessor Systems (PDF)

    BME632 Signals and Systems II (PDF)
    BME639 Control Systems (PDF)
    BME674 Biomedical Instrumentation (PDF)

    BME700 Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design (PDF)
    BME703 Tissue Engineering (PDF)
    BME704 Radiation Therapy Devices (PDF)
    BME705 Rehabilitation Engineering (PDF)
    BME772 Biomedical Signal Analysis (PDF)
    BME777 Emerging Topics in Biomedical Engineering (PDF)

    BME800 Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design (PDF)
    BME802 Human-Computer Interfaces (PDF)
    BME804 Design of Bio-MEMS (PDF)
    BME808 Computations in Genetic Engineering (PDF)
    BME809 Biomedical Systems Modeling (PDF)
    BME872 Biomedical Image Analysis (PDF)
    COE318 Software Systems (PDF)
    COE328 Digital Systems (PDF)

    COE428 Engineering Algorithms and Data Structures (PDF)

    COE528 Object Oriented Engineering Analysis and Design (PDF)
    COE538 Microprocessor Systems (PDF)

    COE608 Computer Organization and Architecture (PDF)
    COE628 Operating Systems (PDF)

    COE700 Engineering Design (PDF)
    COE718 Embedded Systems Design (PDF)
    COE758 Digital Systems Engineering (PDF)
    COE768 Computer Networks (PDF)

    COE800 Design Project (PDF)
    COE817 Network Security (PDF)
    COE818 Advanced Computer Architecture (PDF)
    COE838 Systems-on-Chip Design (PDF)
    COE848 Fundamentals of Data Engineering (PDF)
    COE865 Advanced Computer Networks (PDF)
    CPS888 Software Engineering (PDF)
    ELE202 Electric Circuit Analysis (PDF)

    ELE302 Electric Networks (PDF)

    ELE401 Field Theory (PDF)
    ELE404 Electronic Circuits I (PDF)

    ELE504 Electronic Circuits II (PDF)
    ELE531 Electromagnetics (PDF)
    ELE532 Signals and Systems I (PDF)

    ELE604 Sensors and Measurement (PDF)
    ELE614 CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits (PDF)
    ELE632 Signals and Systems II (PDF)
    ELE635 Communication Systems (PDF)
    ELE637 Energy Conversion (PDF)
    ELE639 Control Systems (PDF)
    ELE654 Power Electronics (PDF)

    ELE700 Engineering Design (PDF)
    ELE709 Real-Time Computer Control Systems (PDF)
    ELE714 Digital System Testing and Design-for-Testability (PDF)
    ELE 719 Fundamentals of Robotics (PDF)
    ELE724 CMOS Mixed-Mode Circuits and Systems (PDF)
    ELE725 Basics of Multimedia Systems (PDF)
    ELE734 Low Power Digital Integrated Circuits (PDF)
    ELE745 Digital Communication Systems (PDF)
    ELE746 Power Systems Analysis (PDF)
    ELE747 Advanced Electromechanical Systems (PDF)
    ELE754 Power Electronics (PDF)
    ELE792 Digital Signal Processing (PDF)

    ELE800 Design Project (PDF)
    ELE801 Electric Vehicles (PDF)
    ELE804 Radio-Frequency Circuits and Systems (PDF)
    ELE806 Alternative Energy Systems (PDF)
    ELE809 Digital Control System Design (PDF)
    ELE815 Cellular Mobile Communications (PDF)
    ELE819 Control of Robotic Manipulators (PDF)
    ELE829 System Models and Identification (PDF)
    ELE846 Power Systems Protection and Control (PDF)
    ELE863 VLSI Systems for Data Communications (PDF)
    ELE882 Introduction to Digital Image Processing (PDF)
    ELE884 Photonics (PDF)
    ELE885 Optical Communications Systems (PDF)
    ELE888 Intelligent Systems (PDF)